At Altermind, all partners, employees and experts share common values which reflect our vision of society and define the way we work and interact with our colleagues and clients.

Our three core values are:


In a world where it is increasingly endangered, we defend and promote freedom as a an essential value.

We promote growth, competition and innovation and defend a vision of a concerted, flexible and incentive-based regulation.

Freedom irrigates our organisation and working methods, both with regard to our employees and our experts. We value autonomy and proactivity in our daily interactions.


We believe that, in a world characterized by an environmental, technological and societal transition, human values should guide political and economic choices.

We put the individual (whether entrepreneur, employee, consumer,...) at the heart of the strategies we propose to our clients, including in the field of algorithms.

We believe in collective and collaborative intelligence between individuals with diverse profiles and skills.


We develop solid demonstrations, based on objective and substantiated arguments.

We pay particular attention to dismantling the cognitive or emotional biases that can affect our clients' activities.

We ensure that we maintain a critical and objective view of our activities and work in order to promote their continuous improvement.