Understand. Challenge. Advise.

Altermind combines the experience and expertise of our business specialists with the knowledge and acumen of leading academics in their field

Business strategy
Business strategy

Business strategy

We identify the most relevant academic experts from leading universities for our clients. We provide our clients with multi-faceted teams from the worlds of business strategy, M&A, economics, cognitive, sociology, data science and communications among others.

This integrated approach ensures that our clients make evidence-based decisions founded on comprehensive and first-rate analysis

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Strategic review

Upon the request of CEOs and world business leaders we:

  • Stress-test/test/challenge the current strategic plan
  • Consolidate bottom-up contributions into a concise, coherent top-down industrial narrative
  • Contribute, where applicable, fresh ideas (new businesses, potential acquisitions, organizational design, etc.)

In order to turn strategy into operational reality, we work at all organisational levels (country, region, division, ExCo).

Our track record – a few examples

  • Finalising of the 5 year strategic plan for a European ICT prior to Investor Day
  • Crafting the equity story for a European energy company planning for an IPO

Data and algorithms

We design:

  • Strategic roadmaps for algorithm deployments
  • Data Ethics
  • Data driven business models
  • Platform strategies

We help our clients establish go-to-market strategies for AI-intensive new products and new markets, based on a thorough review of technologies and partnerships.

Our track record – a few examples

  • Assisting a world renowned bank in designing the retail business algorithm strategy, as well as the related data governance scheme


With the growing awareness that CSR must now be an integral part of all major business models and organizations, we advise our clients on how best to implement it.

Our track record – a few examples

  • Assisting a large ICT company with the design of its climate strategy

Projects and services assessments

We mobilise academic expertise to produce policy, project or service assessments that our clients can use as strategic levers, in order to improve their performance or deploy their business towards new clients.

This entails:

  • Socio-economic assessments
  • Performance assessments
  • Contractual assessments

Our track record – a few examples

  • Assessment of a public contract in the catering sector
  • White paper on outsourcing in the public sector, with a focus on client relationship management

Future of Work

In a world transformed by the possible long-term effects of the covid virus, combined with the impacts of globalization, AI and automation, the workplace and work itself are likely to change fundamentally. We advise our clients on how to best prepare their organization, their managers and their HR departments for these evolutions.

Our track record

  • Advising a large French bank on the implications of a larger share of remote working in a post-covid world
Regulation strategy
Regulation strategy

Regulation strategy

Altermind provides its clients with a unique approach to improve their market regulation, assessing all relevant aspects (law, economics, business strategy…).

Our proposal includes:

  • A critical assessment of existing regulations
  • A plan on how to improve regulation
  • Advocacy with public authorities and regulators
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Network industries regulation

Altermind has an established regulatory expertise in network industries (electricity, transport, telecoms), assessing, proposing and advocating for the appropriate scope of regulation and the most efficient regulation rules.

Our track record – a few examples

  • White paper on the elimination of regulated electricity tariffs
  • Report on the regulation and economics of merchant interconnectors
  • Rail sector report on the regulation of maintenance services
  • Economic analysis of the telecoms auction procedures

Market regulation

We have assisted our clients in various sectors on improving their regulatory framework, with various objectives :

  • Open up markets to competition
  • Support investment and innovation
  • Promote pro-business regulations
  • Adapt regulations to the digital-era

Our track record – a few examples

  • Economic report on the French online eyewear sector, provoking regulatory change to promote growth
  • Public policy proposal regarding the economic regulation of agriculture and food chains
  • Negotiations with Government departments on the regulation of short-term rental via digital platforms
Legal Support Strategy
Legal Support Strategy

Legal Support Strategy

We advise business leaders on how to construct relevant defensive/offensive strategies in litigation involving their companies. We support their firms in all types of litigation, before all courts and regulatory agencies, whenever a complex issue requires the expertise of the best academics.

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Antitrust, mergers and damages

Altermind provides clients with unique expertise to defend their cases (merger control, antitrust) in front of competition authorities:

  • We help design case strategies, combining economic, legal and communication expertise
  • We provide all the ‘classic’ competition economic analysis (econometric tests, data analysis, etc.)
  • We build specific high-level arguments, to solve complicated issues, using industrial economic, business strategy, digital strategy and data analysis
  • We provide up to date analysis to build objective cases and convince competition authorities to change their practices

We also defend damages cases.

Our track record – a few examples


  • Demonstration that online and offline domestic appliance retail markets form a single market
  • Demonstration of the absence of specific vertical risks, in the TV sector

Antitrust :

  • Building a case against a dominant actor in the online retail sector
  • Writing a high level theoretical academic paper aimed at demonstrating the harmful effects of a practice
  • Building a defensive case in a cartel case.

Judicial process and arbitration

Altermind provides its clients with robust arguments in all types of litigation where specific analysis or expertise is needed. « Such arguments can be used before the courts but also in public, academic or political debates, to create a constructive environment around specific subjects.

Our track record – a few examples

  • Report on the history of science relating to environmental litigation
  • Economic theory paper to model a cartel practice and demonstrate its effects, in the context of damages litigation
  • Participating in the on-going academic and judicial debate about the subject of labor law

Pre-litigation Negotiations

Altermind negotiates with public authorities on behalf of its clients, in order to find compromise and avoid litigation. We help create a constructive public policy environment, by providing robust and pedagogical analysis to persuade both ruling authorities and the public.

Our track record – a few examples

  • Negotiating a reduced administrative fine for a retailer, by committing to change specific commercial practices


Altermind’s expertise in dealing with complex and technical issues, together with renowned experts and academics in all disciplines forming part of its global network, allows it to contribute as a key strategic player during negotiations and in the litigation/arbitration process.

Altermind notably accompanies its clients by assisting them to optimally present their cases before tribunals/courts, and/or in the course of negotiations from start to finish. Altermind’s chooses a personalized approach to fit each of its client’s specific needs, which includes: (i) consulting with the client to identify specific expert needs for a given case in light of the issues at stake, (ii) expert due diligence/assessment, and (iii) once an expert has been retained, working closely together with the latter and acting as a liaison between the expert, the client, and the client’s legal team.



Building on its high-level networks among key policy decision-makers and opinion leaders, Altermind assists its clients in promoting their interests and disseminating strong and robust messages.

Our proposal includes:

  • Designing research-driven communication strategies
  • Public advocacy
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Smart Communication

We create campaigns using the expertise of academics to establish effective communication strategies.

Our track record – few examples :

  • Working with leading specialists in cognitive sociology, we help identify the biases that affect how messages are received and work with and around these learnings
  • We conduct in-depth scientific discourses and lexical analyses in order to better understand public perceptions and face them in communication strategiesAdvocacy strategy

Our experts can both challenge existing strategies and build new ones.

Our track record – a few examples

  • Assisting an energy group in preparing a new communication campaign using cognitive sociology, political science and macroeconomy
  • Assisting a CEO in identifying and understanding the public’s perception of his company and himself and, using cognitive sociology, build recommendations to improve it

Public Advocacy

We help our clients to shape, sharpen and develop solid arguments, in the most effective way, and raise them with public and private decision makers and key stakeholders at the highest level.


Our track record – a few examples

  • Public policy proposal regarding the economic regulation of agriculture and food chains
  • Negotiations with Government departments on the regulation of short-term rental via digital platforms