We are a pluridisciplinary consultancy firm, operating under a research-driven and 360 degree approach. We synergise CEOs and global business leaders with the world of academia and experts in order to foster the most effective and creative solutions to complex issues.

We operate by combining the skills of our top-tier consultants with the insights of experts, professors and research fellows, which we source globally through our AI-powered proprietary search engine, ASSET.

Our offices are based in Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin (oct. 2020), Milan/Rome (oct. 2020) and Shanghai.
Our network, reach and ambition are worldwide.

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In a world of accelerated change, our agile and unique approach leads to new insights, new ways of thinking and new solutions.

We bring the business and academic worlds together, and unite academics around specific, strategic questions, with each project benefiting from a bespoke, hand-selected team.

This allows us to provide CEOs and global business leaders with a fresh, out-of-the-box perspective and academics with live case studies.

What our clients get

Parralels with other industries and geographies

Latest research development

Haute couture demonstrations and expertise

High-level expertise, connected to business and decision-makers

Innovative solutions

Influence at the highest level

Out-of-the-box yet actional insights

Multi-expertise teams

What our clients get

What our experts get

Access to concrete case studies

Access to a data treasure chest

Perspective from other academic fields of studies


Fostering ideas for decision-makers


Senior management-level advisory

Recruiting worldwide leading talent and expertise

Beyond silos

Bespoke solutions

The highest-level academic work

Unique reach

Our advice and philosophy is rooted in a thorough understanding of how CEOs and business leaders view and apprehend the world, and address today’s complex issues.

We have the capacity to source cutting edge academic expertise, and enhance human analysis with AI learnings when necessary.

Our custom-made platform enables us to unite ad hoc, multi-disciplinary teams around outstanding in-house consulting teams, academics and experts.

We bring a fresh, tailor-made perspective to each and every project.

Our experts deliver intellectually robust findings.

We have the ability to promote our clients’ interests into the most exclusive decision-making circles in our spheres of influence around the world.