Altermind is a boutique strategy consultancy. We bring the worlds of business know-how and academia together to help companies prosper.

Our global team of business consultants and academic experts provides corporate leaders with tailored, multi-faceted and actionable advice.

Altermind’s unique methodology gives our clients the edge in today’s complex and fast-changing business environment.


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Our agile and unique approach leverages new insights from academics and new ways of thinking from business specialists to produce new solutions

What our clients get

Cross-sectoral experience and expertise

Up-to-date academic knowledge

Actionable advice

Experts experienced in designing concrete solutions

A multi-disciplinary approach

Influence at the highest level

Bespoke and agile teams

Innovative solutions

What our clients get

What our experts get

Real world challenges

Access to data

Insights from other disciplines

Broadening their network

Helping make change happen


Business Insight

Global Academic Experts

Beyond Silos

Bespoke Solutions

Academic Rigour

Unique Reach

We have a deep and broad understanding of how CEOs and business leaders view the world that enables us to make concrete and implementable recommendations

Through our own extensive networks and using our proprietary search engine, ASSET, we are able to identify and work with leading academics from across the globe

We build multi-disciplinary teams that produce innovative solutions by working alongside specialists in a broad range of disciplines

We bring together our outstanding in-house consultants with academics and experts from world-leading institutions to design tailor-made products for our clients

We adopt a rigourous, disruptive and impact-focused approach to every project

We engage on our clients' behalves with decision makers in our spheres of influence around the world