Our work

Bespoke, science-driven solutions

We advise on strategy and policy matters, and in the complex situations where the two intertwine

Altermind’s blended regulatory and strategy expertise is enhanced by the access to the vast pool of knowledge of millions of world-class academics and industry experts.

This means that we can explore and tackle complex strategic issues from various angles, take broader political and economic context into account, and design data-driven, science-supported solutions that extend well beyond the limits of traditional management consulting.

Business strategy

Stress-testing review of current corporate strategy and adapting it in face of
new challenges. Identifying the new frontiers to explore - whether through organic
growth, M&A, or even virtual realities of Web 3 and metaverse – and designing the respective roadmaps.

Regulation strategy and advocacy

Critical assessment of existing regulation and upcoming regulatory changes, with the challenges and the opportunities they represent. Elaboration of evidence-based, science-driven suggestions on improving the regulation (e.g. pro-business improvements, adaptations to the digital era). Advocacy with public authorities and regulators (on country, EU and global level) to co-create regulation. Upgrades of the corporate strategy to timely adapt to the future new norms, making regulation a growth-enabler.

Competition and legal strategy

Designing merger control and antitrust strategies and defending them in front
of competition authorities. Combining the classic competition economic analysis with
legal and communications expertise, establishing high-level arguments to support complex cases.

Strategic communications

Co-creation of data-driven economic and industrial studies and white papers to help our clients establish and maintain thought leadership position. Designing strategic narratives to shape important public debates and delivering the evidence-driven argumentation to public and private decision makers and key stakeholders at the highest level.


Helping our clients to make key decisions when facing global issues and challenges by building a better understanding of ever-changing geopolitical landscape, its risks and opportunities.

Data and algorithms

Data driven business models. Strategic roadmaps for algorithms deployment. Platform strategies. Data ethics. Go-to-market strategies for AI intensive new products and new markets, based on a thorough analysis of technologies and partnerships.

Future of work

Helping client organizations better prepare for the fundamental changes in the workplace triggered by the globalization, digital transformation and the effects of the recent sanitary crisis.


What our clients say

Our method of technology-driven consulting augmented by scientific insights has been successfully tested by some of the world's most prominent business leaders.

Augmented by a group of eight internationally renowned experts, Altermind team has helped us decipher the complex realities of China in a way few others have managed to do. They have managed to combine long-term perspectives with immediate call to actions that have proven very valuable to Kering.

François-Henri Pinault

Chairman and CEO of Kering

Altermind has a very original and versatile model that allows them to provide relevant and insightful perspectives on a wide variety of topics. For L’Oréal, they have worked on very different subjects, and our teams have always worked together remarkably.

Nicolas Hieronimus

CEO, L’Oréal

Altermind has helped us challenge our strategy on complex issues and has assisted us with competition and regulatory issues. I appreciate the quality and variety of the ad hoc group of academics that augments the Altermind team. Altermind's original working method has produced decisive results for Orange. Their perspectives on emerging and complex regulatory issues, climate change, network virtualization and antitrust have been and continue to be decisive.

Christel Heydemann

CEO, Orange

We have worked with Altermind on a number of strategic projects. The quality of their thinking and work delivered was incredibly impressive and really helped shape our decision making. They are very well connected with exceptional relationships at the highest levels and operate in a very responsive and rigorous manner. We would have no hesitation in engaging Mathieu and the team at Altermind again and would recommend them highly.

Stephen Miron

CEO, Global

I particularly appreciate the finesse and accuracy of the work produced by Altermind. I have had several opportunities to observe the robustness of their analyses and the depth of their work. Altermind has put together a team with whom we can exchange, in confidence, in an efficient, constructive and intelligent manner.

Jean-Charles Decaux

CEO, JCDecaux

I have asked Altermind on repeated occasions to come up with innovative approaches and solutions to complex problems (algorithmic strategy, data ethics and governance, web3, etc.). I have always been positively surprised by the thoroughness of their academic experts, and the resourcefulness of the in-house team. While disruptive and out-of-the-box, the recommendations of Altermind have always been considered by my teams to be practical and solution-oriented - I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Laurent Mignon


Altermind's teams are fast, efficient and robust. They have produced economic and strategic analyses that have been decisive in changing the jurisprudence of competition authorities.

Yannick Bolloré

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Vivendi

Altermind has the vision, expertise and network which can make the difference in high-stakes negotiations. They have brought us decisive advice to put in place innovative solutions that benefit our community, and this hand in hand with the Government decision-makers in Paris and Brussels.

Emmanuel Marill

Managing Director, France and Belgium, Director EMEA, AIRBNB

Altermind is a valuable ally in the most complex strategic, competition (both merger control and antitrust), and regulatory cases. They have been instrumental for M6. Thanks to the academic world, they provide very solid analyses. They also have a unique, detailed and intimate knowledge of the decision-makers ecosystem. Altermind is growing fast and is already a key actor of the future of consulting.

Nicolas de Tavernost


Altermind allowed us to interact at a very high level with the academic world. This very fruitful exchange, implemented for the first time in France, was then rolled out in other countries. We also used this work and partnership during Mark Zuckerberg’s visit in France. Their ability to produce substantive arguments is also very useful for us.

Laurent Solly

VP, Southern Europe, Facebook

Altermind has harnessed an original model combining academic expertise and top-notch consulting capabilities that has allowed to come up with thoughtful and practical strategic plan for Getlink.

Yann Leriche

CEO, Getlink

Altermind's model, which combines top-notch academic expertise with great consulting capabilities, has been instrumental in helping us assess the business potential of new critical biomass technologies. Their work strikes the right balance between scientific accuracy and practicality.

Diego Herrera

CEO, Pantaleon

Since the creation of Vauban Infrastructure Partners, Altermind has accompanied Vauban IP to enhance a forward-looking approach on key strategic trends affecting infrastructure (digitalization, climate change, social licensing) and help us gain leadership. They excel in combining both theoretical and business approaches to complex issues.

Gwenola Chambon

CEO, Vauban IP

Altermind has provided SNCF with a strong support to build a robust and convincing demonstration of the collective value of rail transport and design a relevant policy framework to accelerate modal shift. Their sectorial expertise, their pluridisciplinary skills, enhanced by their experts, and their intimate understanding of the political and regulatory landscape is of great value.

Jean-Pierre Farandou


I particularly appreciate the finesse an Altermind produces very robust work, which combines economic expertise with a fine knowledge of the law. Their analysis has enabled us to clarify key points of our regulation.

Augustin de Romanet


Altermind has a strong positioning as a strategic advisor and a sparring partner to design the best solutions to complex issues. Altermind has had a critical contribution to the elaboration and promotion of our road transformation plan to face the climate urgency. Working with academics is a real plus!

Pierre Coppey

Executive Vice-President, VINCI and Chairman, VINCI Autoroutes

We worked with Altermind on the performance of public services, showing in an impactful way the merits of outsourcing support activities. This work has helped us refine our strategy vis-à-vis our public clients and prospects and reinforce our exposure. Altermind was also a great partner on elaborating my strategic vision on the future of CRM.

Olivier Duha

Founder and co-chairman, Webhelp

We have worked with Altermind in a context where Orano needed to craft a new industrial narrative to embark the organization and its stakeholders onto the next decade. We have been impressed by Altermind’s ability to align world-class academic expertise in such diverse areas as regulation, cognitive sciences, climate change, and innovation management. Altermind is also able to consolidate this expertise into a single, consistent and elegant narrative.

Philippe Knoche

CEO, Orano